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Celebrating the Great Indoors

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Kids getting a little stir crazy? 😵We’ve got some indoor activity ideas on how to keep them occupied while physically distancing.

International Day of Families

Families (related or chosen) support us through thick and thin. READ ON to see some creative ways to spend time with them and stay connected during this time.

Inspirational Reading List

Inspirational books can create a positive change in your life! 📚😍All you have to do is take the first step and open up the pages. READ ON to some of our top inspirational reads!

National Stress Awareness Day

Everyone has stress. Some stress is good, but too much can cause harm to our health AND relationships! 😓READ ON to dive into some tips that will help you feel calm, cool, and collected ahead of National Stress Awareness Day.

National Fresh Tomato Day

Did you know tomatoes are one of THE healthiest foods you can eat? 🍅 Celebrate this delish fruit on Fresh Tomato Day! READ ON to find out some mouth-watering recipes (salsa included!) in our new blog post.

Recipes for National Spinach Day

Enjoy eating leafy greens? Pull out the spinach and celebrate National Spinach Day! 🤤 READ ON to find out some drool-worthy recipes that are making our stomachs growl in our new blog post.

National Girl Scouts Week

The smiles, the outfits and...the COOKIES! 🍪 What’s not to love about Girl Scouts? READ ON to dive into the history and all of the good work they’ve done for the past 100 years. 💕

March Events

Spring into the new season with some amazing events in an around Mountain House! READ ON to see how to make the most of your March.

Zest Up Your Life With Grapefruit!

Get your fill of the ruby reds because it's National Grapefruit Month! READ ON to see these mouth watering recipes that’ll have you falling in love with this savory citrus fruit.

Get Crafty for Valentine’s Day!

Fall in love with arts and crafts this Valentine’s Day. 💕 READ ON to see some holiday-themed crafts you can make to give to the special people in your life!

February Events in Mountain House

We’re kicking off the shortest month of the year with some fun events to enjoy with loved ones. READ ON to see some other outings that don’t involve cupid’s bow and arrow. 💘

Celebrate National Pie Day

Just because you’re trying to live a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you can’t have a cheat day every once in a while! 😉 READ ON to treat yourself to a slice of pie this January 23rd (healthier recipes included!).