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Mountain House Groups


If you’ve ever found yourself bored in Mountain House, it’s because you didn’t know that the Mountain House Groups page on Facebook exists! There are more clubs than you can keep track of in our awesome, bustling community, which is exactly why this Groups page was created! Everything from the Mountain House Runners Group to the Mothers of Twins Group can be found on this page.

Take a look and see how you can get involved. There’s something for everyone, and we guarantee you won’t have any more boring days after you see how many awesome people there are in our community. Each and every one of these groups is made for people who love their community and want to get connected, so don’t be shy! Get in contact with someone, and see where it takes you!
Here’s just a short sneak peek at a few of the groups we have here at Mountain House:

  • Mother’s Club
  • Cyclists
  • Bunco Brunch
  • Girl’s Night Out
  • Boat Owners
  • Cancer Support
  • Wine
  • Work from Home and so much more!

Check out the Mountain House Groups page on Facebook HERE and make sure to like Mountain House on Facebook HERE as well to stay in the loop about all things Mountain House!