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Bring Cozy Into Your Home!

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When most of us think about the holidays, we imagine snow falling out our windows, the fireplace spreading warmth throughout the house, and sipping on a mug of extra chocolatey hot cocoa. Although we can’t make it snow in Southern California, we can still find ways to give our homes a cozy, wintery feel this holiday season! See what tips we have below:

  1. Bring Nature Indoors. Grab some twigs, leaves, pine needles, and some plants to add a forest-y feel to your home! You can turn them into decorations, arrange them on a table, or however you wish!
  2. Seasonal Art. Take down your every day wall decorations and hang up some art with the colors of the season! This will definitely bring a cozy holiday vibe to your living room, as well as making your home look festive and fabulous.
  3. Logs on Display. Leave some logs of wood out on display by your fireplace! It’s a great decoration to set the mood for falland winter, and will make the living room cozy even if it’s too warm to light an actual fire!
  4. Decorate the Stairway. Wrap some garland or ribbon around your staircase. It will definitely liven up the room and add a touch of class and holiday cheer to your home!
  5. Wreaths. What’s cozier than some beautiful holiday wreaths? Fill your blank wall spaces with some simple, or fully decorated wreaths! Hang them in the living room, kitchen, and hallway! The feeling of winter will instantly set in, and your heart will be happy.
  6. Pinecones. Pinecones are a fantastic way to make all of your living spaces feel extra snuggly. Set bowls of these in different corners of your home – this will contribute to your other nature decor and create a comfy atmosphere.
  7. Lights. Twinkly lights are a definite must for the holiday season! Hang these in your bedroom, above the fireplace, or wherever you think your home needs a little something. They’re not only beautiful, they bring out the magic of the holidays!
  8. Candles. Apple pie, chocolate fudge, pumpkin spice. Something about a delicious smelling candle makes us want to get cuddly on the couch with a good book. Light one of your favorite fall or winter scents to get that cozy feeling flowing from room to room!

    We hope your winter is especially comfortable and relaxing this year!