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DIY Halloween Tricks and Treats!


Halloween is almost here! And we are super duper excited about it. But, perhaps you’re still trying to figure out a last minute costume? Or everyone decided to have the party at your place this year and you need some quick tricks for decorations? We have some spooky ideas that just might do the trick!

  1. Bat Costume. How about going as a winged, kind of creepy but still cute animal? You can take an umbrella and make your own bat-wings! See how HERE.
  2. Mummy Costume. Pull off a super authentic mummy look with some paper towels and few other other ingredients! You’ll be scaring the kids away for sure. See how HERE.
  3. Silly Monster. This can be used for both kids and adults! Just take an old, oversized sweater and paste on some ping pong eyeballs, pull the sweater over your head so that the neck looks like a mouth, and voila! You’ve got yourself a goofy monster costume.
  4. Dorky Tourist. This one is really simple and fun. You can wear a Disney shirt, strap a fanny pack around your waist, wear a giant camera around your neck, and you are now a tourist! This costume is sure to bring laughs at the party.
  5. The Classic Ghost. It’s not Halloween without some ghosts! Just take a sheet and cut out some holes for the eyes. You can even get a little more creative and wear some funny clothes on top!

    For some decoration ideas, give these a try!

    Eerie Living Room. It’s all about the sheets. If you want to add some extra creepy to your Halloween party, just throw some white sheets over all of the furniture! This will give it an older, antiquey and… well, eerie feel!

    Black Candles. Get a candelabra with black candles and stick it in the dining room, living room, or entry way! You can also put multiple black candles throughout the house to give it a really spooky vibe.

    Mummy Mason Jars. These are more cute than scary, but they are great party decorations and fun to make! Get some mason jars, wrap a layer or two of gauze around each one, paste on some googly eyes, stick a small candle or tea-light inside the mason jar and you’ll have some great party decor!

    We hope some of these of DIY tricks will help the last minute planning, and for more ideas, you can visit our Halloween Pinterest page. From all of us here at Mountain House, we wish you a safe and happy Halloween!