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See How We Play Winners!

Summertime is the ultimate playtime, and we asked all of you at Mountain House to show us how you get your fun in the sun! From splashing around on the splash pad, to kicking up some dirt playing sports in the park, you’ve shown us that no community does summer better than our community!

We love seeing how you enjoy life here at Mountain House, and we’ve received lots of awesome photos of you and your families these past couple months… and now it’s time to announce our #SeeHowWePlay Photo Contest winners! Keep reading to see who won an iPad Mini and a few $25 iTunes giftcards, and check out their fabulous summertime photos

The winner of the iPad Mini is Angel Wrigley, who sent in a beautiful photo of her and her family having some fun together on a hilltop in Bethany Park!


The winners of the iTunes gift cards include the following: Colleen, who sent in a great photo of her two boys learning to wakeboard!


Summer, who sent in a group photo of family and friends spending an evening at Concerts in the Park!


Thank you for showing us how you play here at Mountain House by submitting all of your spectacular photos and videos, and for participating in our #SeeHowWePlay Photo Contest! Our favorite season may be coming to end, but we will always have a collection of precious summertime memories spent with loved ones in our wonderful community.