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Quick Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms!


If you’re a mom, you know that sleep is a rare and elusive treat. Finding the time (or even the energy) to clean the house can be a daily struggle. Luckily, we found some simple and crafty tips to make cleaning quicker and your blissful bubble bath longer!

Having a Routine is Key!

An organized home can help decrease stress, but it’s also a good idea to be organized when organizing! Don’t start trying to clean cold turkey. Have a routine down so you know exactly what you need to be doing and tackle it head on.

Pillow Cases Make Great Dusters

Do you ever stare up at your ceiling fan and to your horror realize how much dust is collecting on the blades? It’s not a pretty sight, and cleaning them with a regular duster can cause an even bigger mess! A faster way to get all that grime is to wipe the blades with an old pillowcase. This way it all ends up in one place and not all over your floor.

Always Have a Lint Roller Close By

When you have pets that shed, all that hair can drive you crazy. If you’re in a pinch and don’t have time to vacuum the living room, just take a lint roller and do a quick wipe down before guests arrive! They’ll never know the difference and it does the trick in a hurry.

Use a Lemon Wedge On Tough Stains

Instead of getting a backache over trying to scrub out those stubborn water stains, cut some lemons in half, rub them on the grimy areas, then let the acid soak for a few minutes. When you come back to clean, getting out those stains should be easy peasy!

Give Your Kids Assigned Cups

There’s nothing more daunting than having a pile of dishes sitting in your sink, and kids tend to keep dirtying new ones until that pile turns into a mountain. Assign your little ones a cup to use every day, that way you won’t be adding more dishes to your to do list!

Keep a Shoe Caddy in Your Car

Being a mom of little ones means having to dig for toys while you’re driving, which is both a hassle and a hazard…especially when you’re in a rush! Take a shoe caddy, drape it over the passenger seat, and place the toys in the pockets. Your kids can easily grab their toys themselves, and you can focus on the road.

We hope these tips help all of you busy moms out there!