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So Long July, Hello School Supplies


Summer is rapidly coming to a close, and now it’s time to get prepped and ready for the school year! From book bags to mechanical pencils, the right school supplies can give your kids an edge. Take a look at all the gear that belongs on your back-to-school checklist!

Chuboos Veggie Cutters

If you have little ones starting school this year, these veggie cutters are perfect for giving them not only a healthy lunch, but a fun one as well! Source

Lunch Boxes

Lands’ End lunch boxes are insulated, spacious, have a variety of designs, and include a nifty water-bottle pocket. These trendy pails will make packing lunches easier, and your kids will love showing them off at school. Source

post itPens, Post-Its, and Planners

We know these are standard back-to-school items, but it’s important that they make it onto your checklist. There are all kinds of fabulous pens out there…and colorful options make for exciting note-taking! Post-Its areperfect for your middle schoolers to hang in their lockers to help remind them of important homework or project related tasks. And of course a daily planner is essential for making sure your young scholars are always on track and on time.

Essential Oils

Whether you’re already a fan or haven’t done much research, essential oils are used for a variety of different health and wellness remedies to help you live a better life. So why should these be on your school checklist? Take a look at the different oils that can help your kids stay calm, focused, and energized! Source

Mini Homework Station

This will not only benefit your kids, but it will keep you sane as well. Paper clips, pencils, scissors…throw together a cute, organized homework station that has everything they need for instant success. Source

Locker Organizer

A kid’s locker can be a sanctuary that holds everything to keep their busy lives in order. With some recycled materials and tape, they’ll have the coolest locker in the hall. Source

booksTextbook Hotspots

If you have kiddos in college, then you know the list of textbooks can be expensive and endless. Instead of emptying out your wallet, try some of these awesome websites to get books for a better price! Source

Happy School Shopping! We wish all of you a fun, organized, and stress free year.