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Mountain House Spotlight: Arya Farm Produce!


There’s nothing better than being able to buy delicious, fresh produce and goods from your local market. If you love all foods that grow from the ground and trees, then Arya Farm Produce is where you need to make your next grocery run!

Located in Tracy, just minutes away from Mountain House, this quaint 15 acre farm provides high-quality fruits, veggies, raw honey, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and a variety of other goodies that are authentic and tastebud approved. Arya Farm’s honey is harvested from their own hives, and if you didn’t already know...consuming local honey every day helps the keep allergies at bay!

With fall just around the corner, this is the perfect place to get your pumpkins for October. Large, small, tall, or skinny, whatever the shape or size, Arya Farm’s pumpkins sell for a whopping 2 dollars a pop! How great of a deal is that?

You also have the option to pick your own goodies! Grapes are currently the “U-Pick” produce item for the summer season, but make sure to come back in the fall to pick some juicy pomegranates!

If you didn’t think this little market could get any better, they offer cold-pressed olive oil and balsamic vinegar in a variety of flavors. A heavenly and delightful dining experience is sure to follow!


THE ARYA FARM NOW DELIVERS! Order anytime before 4:00pm and you'll get your groceries the next day before 11:00am! Follow them on Facebook and explore their website at, then plan an in person visit at 21459 South Reeve Rd. Tracy, CA 9530.

Happy Harvesting!