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DIY Valentine’s Day Decor!


Are you having a Valentine’s Day party this weekend? Then you’re going to need some proper decor to make it fabulous! We’ve gathered some fun and easy DIY Valentine decorations that will be perfect for the loveliest day of the year:

Felt Trees. Christmas isn’t the only time for a decorative tree! Felt heart trees are great for setting the mood of love in your home. All you need is a couple styrofoam cones and some pink, red, and white felt, a cute topper, and wa la! EXAMPLE

Glitter Letters. What’s Valentine’s Day without a little sparkle? Glitter letters are sure to make your party festive and beautiful! All you’ll need is some large wooden letters and a colorful pallet of pink, red, and silver glitter glue. EXAMPLE

Love Note Pillows. Who doesn’t love getting love notes? Make your own love note pillows using a craft pillow, white cotton duck, red and pink felt, a sharpie, and a song or poem to express yourself! You can even create some pockets to leave daily love notes for your sweetheart. EXAMPLEcenterpiece

Birch Centerpieces. This is a fun decoration to make with your whole family! Take some birch logs and carve in your initials, then add little garnishes to give them some extra Valentine’s Day zest. Your table will look charming and adorable! EXAMPLE

Glitter Candle. Again, you can never have too much glitter on Valentine’s Day, and this decoration will take you no time at all! Just get some nicely sized candles, some double sided tape, and a pallet of glitter! EXAMPLE.

Valentine Yarn Wreath. Your front door is definitely going to need some dressing up for when your guests arrive, and a wreath will do just the trick! Get different balls of yarn (preferably in Valentine’s Day colors), a styrofoam wreath, some extra little goodies to glue on, and hang it for everyone to admire! EXAMPLE.

bottlesFamily Love Tree. This is another great decoration to involve the whole family! Find a decorative tree with bare branches, then have everyone write a sweet Valentine for a family member to hang from the tree. It will be a hit with your guests and your loved ones will appreciate the kind gesture! EXAMPLE.

Sweetheart Wine Bottles. Add some class and elegance to your party with some chic sweetheart wine bottles! These are not only great Valentine’s Day decor…. they’re also perfect to leave out all year long! You’ll need empty wine bottles, white spray paint, a hole punch, pink and red construction paper, and double sided tape! EXAMPLE.

We hope your party is a success and that you spend your Valentine’s Day with the people you love most!