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DIY Father’s Day Gifts!


Superman, Batman, Iron Man. These guys might be able to lift buildings, fly, and save the world from total disaster, but they don’t compare to the real heroes in our lives: D-A-D! Our dads have rescued us from sticky situations too many times to count, so why not get him a gift he’ll cherish forever this Father’s Day?

Handprint Gardening Gloves – If you have a preschooler at home, this is the perfect gift to make for Dad this Father’s Day. Simply take a pair of gardening gloves, press your kiddo’s handprint onto the gloves, and include a sweet poem! See example

Dates with Dad Mason Jar – This is a great idea when you’re looking for fun activities to do with Dad! Take a mason jar, give it some cute decoration, and fill it with fun dates to do with the big guy! See example

Sidewalk Chalk Photos - What kid doesn’t love creating masterpieces on the sidewalk? This is an adorable gift idea that’s super fun to make! Take your sidewalk chalk, write out some cute sayings about Dad, add some cool props, snap the pic, and he’ll have some awesome photos to keep forever. See example

Stenciled Plates – Use some fun stencil designs to paint a cool “dad” plate! And after your personalized plates are painted and dried, use them to serve Dad his favorite dinner. See example

Top 10 Popsicle Sign – There are so many reasons why dads are great, so why not remind him with a thoughtful list? Have your kids glue some popsicle sticks together, then write out their top 10 favorite reasons why their dad is the best. See example

Dad Footprint – This is an easy DIY gift that Dad will absolutely love. Take one of Dad’s shoes, then one of your kid’s shoes, press both footprints onto a tile, and write “Following in My Daddy’s Footsteps.” See example

We hope you all have a fabulous Father’s Day!