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How to Beat The Heat!


School is out, the barbecues are hot, and the air smells of chlorine and sunscreen. That’s right, June has officially arrived and with it all the simple joys of summer. But, sometimes that extreme heat can force you to stay inside, which is why we found some awesome indoor activities to keep the fun going when Mr. Sun is working overtime!

Hide and Find. Simple, yet super fun! This game will keep the kids occupied for hours when they’re stuck inside. Hide small items around the house for the kids to find! You can even make it more interesting by timing them to see who can find them the fastest…the winner gets a delicious prize! 

Pipe Cleaner Bracelets. All you’ll need for this craft is colorful pipe cleaners and pony beads. The pipe cleaner is so thick and flexible, making bracelets will be super easy for the kiddos! Not to mention highly fashionable. Example

Toothpick Marshmallow Shapes. When the heat is just too much, keep your youngsters busy inside by giving them a pile of toothpicks and marshmallows to play with! They’ll have a blast making all kinds of totally cool 3D shapes. Example

Laundry Basket Skee Ball. If you’re looking for excellent indoor family fun, set up a game of Laundry Basket Skee Ball in your living room! See how many points you can rack up by getting the ball over your man-made ramp and into a winning basket. Example

Camping in the Living Room. Camping is the ultimate summer vacation, but camping in the crazy heat is NO FUN. Turn your living room into the next best camping site! Set up a tent, grab some pillows and blankets, use twinkle lights for stars, and you’ll have yourself a magical indoor camping trip.

Edible Paint. What happens when you mix yogurt and colored gelatin? Paint that you can eat! This might be a messy activity, but it will turn those gloomy frowns upside down. Example

Target Golf. Fooooore! Grab your golf clubs and get ready for Target Golf! All you have to do is take an old box, cut out some holes, and become the first Target Golf champion. Example

Whether you’re outside or keeping cool next to the AC, we hope you have lots of fun this summer!