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DIY St. Patty’s Day Crafts and Decor!

It’s time to get ready for St. Patrick’s Day here at Mountain House! Our Pinterest board is full of fun DIY crafts you can do with your kids or use for a fun St. Patty’s Day party, and we want to share our favorites with you!

Pot of Gold. This is an easy craft project that is both fun and beautiful! Take a mini terracotta pot and paint the entire thing with black acrylic paint. Next, apply a thin layer of Mod Podge glitter glue on the top, then dip it in some gold glitter. Add a clover decal on the outside, then fill the pot with Rolo candies and you have a beautiful Pot of Gold to put on display! EXAMPLE.

Popsicle Stick Leprechaun Magnet. This project won’t cost much and your kids will love it! Each magnet will need 9 popsicle sticks, a pair of googly eyes, and some paint to bring your leprechaun to life! EXAMPLE.

Fingerprint Rainbow Pot of Gold. It wouldn’t be St. Patty’s Day without a beautiful rainbow! Get an assorted palette of rainbow paints, then have your kids dip their fingers in the paint to create the rainbow. Finish with a pot at the end sprinkled in gold glitter! EXAMPLE.

Fingerprint Lucky Charm Keepsake. There’s nothing better than cherished keepsakes to use throughout the years, so make something with your kids that they’ll always remember! All you’ll need is some white glue and cornstarch to make your clay and a cookie cutter to cut out the circles. Once you have your shapes ready, have your kids press their fingers on the dough to create a four-leaf clover, then paint the clover imprints green! EXAMPLE.

The Visiting Leprechaun Toilet Trick. There’s nothing more mysterious than those pesky leprechauns, and if you set some traps… you just might catch one! Have some fun with your kids this year by creating the illusion that the little guys stopped by for a visit! Take some green paint and create two footprints on the toilet bowl, then turn the water green with some food coloring to really bring the magic to life! Both you and the kids will have a blast! EXAMPLE.

St. Patty’s Day Scavenger Hunt. This is both a craft and a fun game. Take some rocks and paint them a pretty shade of gold, then paste silver letters on them that say “luck.” Take one special rock and cover it in gold glitter. After you’ve made all your treasure, hide them in the backyard for everyone to find! You can continue to use the rocks for future hunts or beautiful decor! EXAMPLE.

Toilet Paper Roll Leprechauns. Toilet paper rolls can be used for a lot of things…including making adorable leprechauns! To turn your toilet paper roll into a cute, bearded Irishman, you’ll need the following supplies: empty toilet paper rolls, green and peach colored construction paper, a pair of googly eyes, a black marker, a hole punch, orange yarn, gold beads, glue, and clothes pins! EXAMPLE.

Irish Coffee Mugs. We all have our favorite mugs that we love to use during the holidays, so why not make a coffee mug just for St. Patrick’s Day?! Find some solid white and green mugs, dot them with an oil-based marker you can find at any craft store, outline a shamrock in the middle of the design by using a sticker, and presto! You have some beautiful coffee mugs to enjoy during the Irish month of March! EXAMPLE.

We hope you enjoy these fun crafts with your families! For more fun St. Patrick’s Day ideas and inspirations, check out our Pinterest page!