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How to Keep Your Home Energy Efficient!


Everyone loves the heavenly, cool relief of air-conditioning and taking extra long showers. But seeing those high energy bills every month is definitely not a picnic! Turns out we humans tend to be wasteful without even realizing it. We can do better! We’ve put together some simple yet effective tricks to help keep your home more energy efficient, and our lovely planet happy and green.

Replace Your Light Bulbs. Lights are a major reason for high electric bills, but that doesn’t mean you need to read by candlelight. Switch to incandescent bulbs with CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps), or LEDs (light-emitting diodes). These last 10 times longer and use 75% less energy!

Stop Pre-Rinsing Your Dishes. Washing dishes is not only one of our least favorite chores, it’s also one of the most wasteful. You can save on water by not pre-rinsing the dishes before you stick them in the dishwasher. That doesn’t mean you can’t scrape off that last bite of lasagna, just don’t pre-wash before the actual wash! If you prefer to hand-wash your dishes, you can change the faucet to reduce the flow of water.

Wash Clothes on Cold Settings. We don’t want you to waste hot water or electricity, so it’s a good idea to start using cold water settings when washing your clothes. If you’re afraid using cold water won’t get clothes as clean, don’t worry! Most soaps are actually made for cold water, so there’s no need to waste unnecessary warm water and shoot up your heating bill.

Use Drying Racks Instead of the Dryer. Did you know that dryers are also a major energy thief? Although we know some items need to be thrown in, try and use a drying rack as much as possible. It’s gentler on your clothes as well! If you do use your dryer frequently, make sure to clean the lint-trap and use auto-dry settings…two great ways to boost energy efficiency.

Gaming Consoles vs. DVD Players. If your kids are serious gamers and always watch movies on their console, they are sucking up energy! DVD players are a lot more energy efficient when it comes to watching movies. Remember to turn consoles off as well, avoiding passive energy costs.

Replace Furnace Filters. It’s not something we always think about, but it’s important to replace furnace filters every two to three months. When your furnace gets filled with dirt, it has to work extra hard and use up more energy, which contributes to a pricey bill later!

Install Ceiling Fans. When summer time hits, we instantly want to crank up the air-conditioner and relax in the cool inside breeze while sipping a glass of lemonade. However, cranking up the air can be really costly, so in order to save money and still survive the heat, have ceiling fans installed into your home! They actually cool a room more efficiently than air-conditioning!