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Easy Tips to Keep Your Home Organized!


When clutter takes over our homes, it can cause major unwanted stress. Luckily, there are some super simple ways to get rid of the little hassles that disrupt our peace of mind.

Suitcase Furniture

If you have old suitcases taking up much needed storage space, try turning them into some decorative furniture. Coffee tables, nightstands, blanket chests…suitcases aren’t just good for storing items when you travel! This works especially well when your old luggage has a stylish, vintage flair. Learn how here!

Hanging Dresser Drawers

Getting rid of an old dresser? Take the drawers and use them to hang on your wall! You can organize your bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen by clearing space and hanging knick-knacks on these unique hooks…plus bonus points for creativity! Learn how here!

Dividing Dresser Drawers

We all know that our dresser drawers can turn into a total mess, and by the end of the week everything’s mismatched and you end up wearing two different socks to work. Take some cardboard and create dividers for your clothes so that everything stays together! DIY here!

Organizing by Color

Do you waste precious time in the morning searching for clothes that seem to have disappeared? Organizing your clothes by color means never wasting time searching for that one blue shirt to go with your favorite pair of jeans.

Cleaning Schedule

An effective way to maintain an uncluttered household is by creating a cleaning schedule for your family. Have everyone rotate a job each week to keep everything nice and tidy! This will keep a consistent flow of organization in your home. Download a schedule here!

Binder Clips

Do you have a drawer full of jumbled cords? Use different colored binder clips to keep all of your cords from becoming a tangled mess! See a sample here!

Coffee Creamer Bottles

Need more containers to hold your nuts, baking goods, etc? Save your old coffee creamer bottles and fill them with food items to spruce up your unkempt pantry. You’ll love seeing everything out of baggies and in easy pour containers, not to mention the positive feeling of being resourceful and recycling! Get ideas here!

We hope these tips come in handy as you’re organizing your home!