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Local Schools at Mountain House!


In addition to having high quality homes and resort-style amenities, our schools are a major reason why families choose Mountain House. We love our schools, and not just because they’re located right here in the community. From elementary to high school and beyond, these schools consistently rank among the highest! So you can rest assured knowing that your kids will be getting a top-notch education.

Altamont Elementary is designed to house 800-900 students from kindergarten to eighth grade, and is the newest elementary school in the community. This school offers excellent athletic programs and electives for kids to develop their passions in a challenging yet nurturing environment! Website

Bethany Elementary had the highest scoring record for the 2013 API in the Lammersville Unified School District, and was named the highest scoring traditional school in San Joaquin County. This school continues to pave the way for future leaders and innovators to make their mark! Website

Sebastian Questa Elementary offers great programs for kids who love to get involved and be part of a team! Including: After-School Volleyball, Leadership Group, Band, Math Olympiad, Academic Pentathlon, After-School Basketball, Drama Club and ASB. Sebastian Questa believes that becoming involved in extracurriculars helps to improve social skills and confidence. Website

Wicklund Elementary is one of the top schools in San Joaquin County, with a rigorous academic program. Students are able to utilize their strengths and earn titles like Student of the Month, and enroll in programs such as: ASB Student Council, Pentathlon, Science Olympiad, Math Olympiad, California Junior Scholastic Federation, and Intramural Sports. Website

Mountain House High School is home to the Mustangs, and is the first and only planned comprehensive high school in the Lammersville Unified School District. Parents can expect their kids to be prepared for college and to confidently take that next leap once they graduate. Website

San Joaquin Delta College offers higher education to residents and the public, providing students a supportive community of ambitious minds where they will be heard and recognized. Here, diversity is welcomed and celebrated! Website

To learn more about our schools, explore the websites above!