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Fun Ideas for Your Next Summer BBQ!


Fire up those grills and bust out the pool noodles…because summer is almost HERE! Our favorite season is just around the corner and we want to help you get ready! Check out our list of fun themes, foods, and games to help add some flair to your next summer BBQ.

Campfire Cones. Ever had a s’more in an ice cream cone? Grab some marshmallows, chocolate, strawberries, and whatever else you want to stuff in your cone, wrap it in tinfoil, throw it on the grill, and the result is pure bliss. You’ll definitely want these on the menu at your next backyard party! Recipe.

Popcorn Dump Race. Get the whole gang together for the ultimate race challenge! Take a bunch of cups and secure them to rubber-bands, then everyone slides a cup onto their shoe. Whichever team can scoop the most popcorn into a bucket using JUST their cups, wins!

Baby-Q. Planning a baby shower this summer? Why not try a “Baby-Q” theme instead! This is a great way to celebrate your bundle of joy with clever baby decorations in a fun BBQ setting. Water Balloon Pinatas. When it’s a scorcher outside, chill out with some

Water Balloon Pinatas! Simply strap some water balloons to a branch and smack them as you would a candy filled pinata. This is a fun game to set up for the kids, and it will keep them cool in those hot summer temps!

Chocolate Chip Dip. Chips and dip anyone? How about Chocolate Chip Dip instead! This would be a real hit at an adult-only party (since there is alcohol in the recipe), not to mention a DEEELICIOUS treat. Recipe

Squirt Gun Station. What’s better than a squirt gun battle on a hot day?! Make a fun squirt gun station for everyone to refuel! Link

Grill Cupcakes. Cupcakes at a summer barbecue are an absolute MUST. Try kicking it up a notch with these awesome Grill Cupcakes! Your guests will be so impressed with your creativity and their tasty flavor. Recipe

Happy Barbecuing!