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Tired of Your Commute? Download "Scoop"!


Dealing with the pressures of work is an everyday struggle for just about everyone. Add on a grueling morning commute, and it’s enough to make those grey hairs come early! BUT, we’re here to tell you that miracles are possible, and the solution you’re looking for is right at your fingertips.

Scoop is a trending app that matches you with others who drive your same commute to and from work. Simply download the app, plug in your information, and you will be connected instantly with a carpool buddy within the Mountain House community!


Worried about getting back home? If for some reason you weren’t able to get a lift back from the office, Scoop will reimburse you the cost of your alternate transportation.


Pretty cool, right?


You should also know that the benefits of commuting through Scoop is well worth it, for example:


  • You’ll be SAVING MONEY!
  • The relief of not having to worry about a demanding commute will decrease the amount of stress that your body goes through every day. This means a clearer mind and healthier you.
  • You’ll be contributing to a greener environment.
  • You’ll get to know your fellow Mountain House neighbors!


Still not sure if this app is for you? Visit to get all of the specifics, and watch their video HERE to see what Scoop is all about.


Want to download the app? Select iPhone or Android.


Safe travels, commuters!