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Spooky Good Halloween Treats

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Halloween is just around the corner and spooky treats are an absolute MUST! Not sure what to make for this year’s party? See what adorable (and delicious) goodies you can whip up to impress all of your ghoulish guests!


Spider Cookies. These spiders might be creepy and a little bit crawly, but they’re also pretty darn tasty! All you need is some cookie dough (any kind you want), some peanut butter cups, candy eyes, and chocolate drizzle to bring these cuties to life. Recipe


Witch Finger Pretzels. Nothing makes us want to hide under the covers more than a scary, green faced witch that wants to steal our ruby naturally witch fingers would be the perfect party hors d'oeuvre! Ingredients include: large pretzel rods, blanched almonds, black gel food coloring, and green candy coating. Recipe


Eyeball Cake Pops. Who doesn’t love bite-size cake balls? Crumbled cake mix, white candy coating, green candy coating wafers, and a touch of artistic ability make for an eye-popping snack! Recipe


Cheesy Bone Breadsticks. These cheesy bone breadsticks are sure to be a huge hit, and they’re super easy to make! Roll out homemade or store bought pizza dough into 8 inch ropes, cut a slit into the ends of the ropes to create a bone-like shape, sprinkle on parmesan cheese, and bake for 15 minutes. Recipe


Mummy Dogs. Scared to mummify your hotdogs? Don’t be! These cute little guys are harmless and only take a few minutes to bake. Cut the mini dogs to give them arms and legs, then wrap them in thinly cut crescent roll strips. All of the “mummies” and daddies will gobble them up in seconds! Recipe


Chocolate Ghost Cake. What’s the one thing every party needs? A BOO-tiful cake! Try out this ghostly, chocolatey treat at your Halloween party this year. Recipe


Monster Eye Pudding Cups. Snack Packs are back, and with a spooky twist! We guarantee all of the kiddos and adults in attendance will find these pudding cups frightfully irresistible. Recipe


Happy Halloween from all of us at Mountain House!