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Mountain House Spotlight: Get to Know Patricia Harrison!


This week we’re putting the Mountain House spotlight on Patricia Harrison, fellow MH resident and member of the Mountain House Feral Cat Rescue (MHFCR). Read more to find out what she had to say about her role in the community and what she loves about living at Mountain House!


1.  How did the MHFCR begin and what made you want to get involved?

I got a phone call from a good friend of mine, Jacqueline Dekker, who had met someone that needed help trapping and neutering Ferals in Mountain House. Jackie organized a meeting at her house and Bryan, myself, and other concerned people in our community got together to talk about the need for an organization that would help these free roaming cats and help curb the overpopulation of Feral Cats in Mountain House. It had gotten really bad after the market took a turn for the worse and people were abandoning their pets. And that is how Mountain House Feral Cat Rescue came to be.


2.  Have you adopted any of the cats that you’ve rescued?

Yes we have!!! We adopted three of the feral kittens that we’ve fostered. Feral kittens can be domesticated if they are found at a young enough age to tame. The kittens that we adopted were found when they were under 8 weeks old. We took them in, nurtured them and fell so in love that we adopted them. They are now very content and domesticated. 


3.  Tell us more about the MHFCR Silent Auction Fundraiser in November. Can anyone attend?

The MHFCR Auction is a yearly event where we raise money to help us with the costs of vet bills, spaying, and neutering of the kittens that are found. The Mountain House Community Services District has been very supportive of our rescue group and allocates approximately $2500, which they pay directly to our vets for the Spaying/Neutering/Eartip/Rabies Shots for the free roaming cats that are not tamable. MHFCR takes care of all the other bills that involve kittens such as first shots, worming, and food until we can find them forever homes. The auction will be on November 6th this year from 12pm to 5pm.

The Auction is open to anyone who wants to attend and it’s free! We provide entertainment and some pretty cool items for the auction that you can bid on. We also have raffle prizes that you can win. We hold our auction at the Mountain House Bar and Grill. Owner Josie Alvarez is a big supporter of our group and donates the use of the backyard of her establishment. Mountain House Bar and Grill is very family friendly and has a huge backyard where children can run and play while their parents enjoy the auction.



4.  How can Mountain House residents get involved in the MHFCR?

We mainly need foster families. We have some wonderful people in this community that have been extremely supportive. Many have fostered our kittens for us and nurtured them, but also have fallen in love with their foster kitties and adopted them. This is awesome, but it reduces our foster we are always accepting applications for more foster families! And of course we can always use donations so that we can continue to do what we do. Our website is where you can find more information.


5.  What should residents do if they see a feral cat around the community?

They should call us right away so that we can get to the cat and get it TNR’d (trap/neuter/return). True Feral Cats are cats that have had no interaction with humans. They don’t come up to us and purr and want to be petted. We do get quite a few calls about lost cats or abandoned cats, all of which we do go and check out and see if there is anything we can do to help. Our number is 209-597-8150.


6.  You and your husband are very active members of the community. What sparked the drive for you both to become so involved in Mountain House’s well-being?

I would say that we get as involved as we can and do what we can. We both really enjoy meeting new people, so what sparked it for both of us was this wonderful community that we moved to. We had been living here for about 1 year not really getting involved, just hanging back and checking things out. Then the call came about the Feral Cat Population problem and also our town was in the midst of trying to win a contest that would get us some funds for a Dog Park. Since then, we’ve met so many amazing people that do so much for this community. You can’t help but get involved. We all have a passion for making where we live the best it can possibly be. I’ve never lived in a community quite like Mountain House.


7.  What do you love most about living in Mountain House?

The people! The sense of community, the way everyone gathers around to help one another and the possibilities that lie ahead.


8.  Do you have any other endeavors in the works for the community?

Right now I am involved in MHFCR and give it my full attention. I will be more involved once I retire….hoping that will be sometime in the next couple of years.



9.  In your opinion, what makes Mountain House the perfect place to call home?

Well that’s easy…my friends that I have made here, the friends that I’ve yet to meet, and the adventures that our small, growing community has to offer.


Want to know more about the Feral Cat Rescue? Visit their website HERE. You can also contact them at 209-597-8150, or