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Mountain House Spotlight: Mazaa Kabob House in Tracey!

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If you’re new to Mountain House, then you should know there are some great places in Tracy to grab a bite. From comforting BBQ to sweet and sugary cupcakes, it’s not hard to find some delicious food close to home. Mazaa Kabob House, a local eatery in Tracy that serves authentic Afghani cuisine, is one of the many places to dine in town. We interviewed owner and chef, Haroon Hamid, on his love of cooking, the number one dishes on the menu, and his love for sharing food with Mountain House residents.

Can you tell us a little bit about your restaurant?  

We serve authentic Afghan cuisine, full service dining with beer and wine. It's a casual dining facility with outdoor seating, great for families and a nice place to spend time relaxing with friends.

What would you say are the most popular dishes on your menu?

Our most popular dishes are the Mixed Grill Kabob Plate, Mantoo, and Lamb Shank. The Mixed Grill has three types of meat with three distinct flavors: ground beef sirloin patty, chicken, and strip loin beef.  Mantoo is Afghan dumplings stuffed with ground beef and onions, topped with carrots, peas and yogurt. Lamb Shank is slow cooked over six hours. It’s served with brown rice topped with carrots and raisins referred to as “Qabli.”

Do you remember the exact moment you first fell in love with cooking?

I was about 10-years-old when I first fell in love with cooking. My mother would always let me help her in the kitchen, no matter what she was cooking that day. I give all the credit to her.

What would you say sets your authentic Afghani cuisine apart from other genres of food?

For me personally, I think the flavors in Afghan cuisine are just perfect. It's not overwhelming on the palate, and it's also healthy, but still very fresh and packed full of flavor.

How has having your restaurant in Tracy brought you closer to the Mountain House community?

Having my restaurant in Tracy has given me the opportunity not only to introduce my food to the great people of Mountain House, but it’s also given me the chance to meet my neighbors and form long lasting friendships in
the community.

You were forced to leave your home in Afghanistan and had to overcome many obstacles before opening your own restaurant. What advice would you give to those who are currently struggling to make their dreams come true?

Never lose hope, keep dreaming, and work hard!

If you want to visit Mazaa Kabob House, it’s located at 2745 Naglee Rd, Tracy, CA 95391. You can learn more about the restaurant and their menu

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