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School Year Resolutions for Kids and Parents

School Year Resolutions.jpg

August is here, and for many families it’s time to prepare for the first day back to school! Make the most of a new beginning with some New School Year Resolutions for both you and your little Einstein. Check out these five ideas for good school habits to move forward with this school year!

1. Plan and Stay Organized

If they don’t already, have your child begin using a calendar or daily planner. They can input assignments, project due dates, and other tasks or chores to help them stay on task throughout the year. This strategy can also help them learn to take responsibility for and ownership of their education.

 2. Get to Know the Teacher

Don’t hesitate to get to know your child’s teacher. A lot of stress can be averted if you have some idea of who your child is interacting with on a daily basis. Set up a casual meeting to ask about what to expect for the learning curriculum, homework loads, projects, field trips, and how to get extra help if needed.


3. Have your Tutor Ready to Go

Locate a tutoring center before school begins if you know some subjects may be challenging for your child. Talk to your child’s school about course curriculums and look into getting a head start on understanding some of these new concepts at home or with a tutor.


4. Be Engaged in your Child’s Learning

Join your child’s field trips as a chaperone or offer to be a classroom aid. If time doesn’t permit for volunteering at school, spend some time at home going over their homework reviewing and correcting any mistakes. If there are concepts that you and your child don’t understand, ask for a meeting time with the teacher to go over the material.



The school year can be a stressful time for you and your child, but remember that the teachers are there to help. It’s always okay to ask for some extra time to discuss course material, student progress, and how to make the most of your child’s early years of learning!