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Unique Secondary Suite Homes

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When the occasion strikes, having that extra living space in your home comes in handy. At Mountain House, two of our celebrated builders offer incredible Secondary Suite Homes for families who have lots of members and frequent out of town guests, or the option for an additional income source to offset the costs of housing!


The Umbria, Ashford, and Sundance neighborhoods by Shea Homes and TriPointe Homes offer these Secondary Suite Homes in select floorplans. These quarters carry their own address and include a bedroom, a private full bathroom, a small living area, a kitchenette, and a separate entrance for added privacy. Every kitchenette area includes stainless steel appliances, a full oven and stove, space for a full-size refrigerator, and generous cabinet space for all of your favorite snacks and goodies!


You can take a closer look at these beautiful spaces below, and see for yourself how spacious and livable these little hideaways can be!

Sundance Plan Four Suite


Need extra room for extended family members, or private home office to get your work done from home? Our Secondary Suite Homes are the perfect place to settle in during holidays, and also offer a few hours of seclusion to focus on the task at hand.


 Ashford Plan Four Suite


Young homebuyers, whether single or a couple, can start out living in their open separate quarters of the house while saving up for their own home! Also, if a homeowner has an aging parent staying in the suite, they can easily access to each other from within the main home.

Live-in grandparents can maintain some independence by having their own place, and also receive their own mail!



Umbria Plan Four Suite


Another major plus to owning a residence with a suite home is having the opportunity to rent out the extra living space! It can be extremely beneficial when trying to meet mortgage expenses and have the additional income.


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Want to learn more about about our Secondary Suite Homes at Mountain House? Contact our Sales Teams at Shea Homes and TriPointe Homes for more information!


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