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Chocolate Covered Everything Day!

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Bet you didn’t know December 16th is Chocolate Covered Anything Day. Today’s the day to slather anything, and we mean anything, with our favorite confection. As if we need another reason to indulge in delicious treats, right? We’re not ones to argue against anything sweet, so we’ve come up with a few chocolate-covered recipes you didn’t know you needed in your life (and maybe one you don’t).






Photo: Cleobuttera

Sweet dough baked to golden perfection slathered with chocolate, Nutella, and marshmallows. Do we have your attention yet? Get the recipe HERE.

Beef jerky

Photo: Three Jerks

This combination of sweet and salty is one from the gods. Get the recipe HERE.


Photo: The Cereal Baker

A chocolate-covered potato chip is the gateway drug to these bad boys. Consider yourself warned. Get the recipe HERE.

Kale chips

Photo: The Daily Meal

Chocolate-covered kale - three words that shouldn’t exist in a sentence together, but there they are. They’re healthy, sort of? Get the recipe HERE.


Photo: Mueller Chocolate Company

Um, what? File this under, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Definitely double-dog dare worthy. Order from Mueller’s Chocolate, the store that made them infamous, HERE.

“Heart” Strawberries

Photo: Tipbuzz

Put a classic spin on this popular chocolate covered treat! Spread the love of the season by

cutting the strawberries in half, then melting them together to look like adorable (and delicious)

hearts! See how by clicking HERE.

Caramel Marshmallows

Photo: Domestically Blissful

Throwing a holiday get-together with the crew? Serve these chocolatey, chewy morsels as a yummy snack while playing charades or watching your favorite festive flick. Get the recipe HERE.


Photo: The Monday Box

Who doesn’t love the creamy, crunchy taste of an Oreo cookie? If you love dunking them in milk, try them after they’ve been dunked and covered in MILK CHOCOLATE! You can even drizzle some holiday cheer on top by using icing to create colorful trees. Get the recipe HERE

We hope you have a wonderful, chocolate covered day!