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Fruit and Veggie Recipes for a Healthy 2017!


Happy New Year, everyone! We’re already feeling excited about all the positive changes that 2017 has in store for us, whether it’s starting a new job, buying a new home, or simply getting back into a fun hobby. We also know that January is the month of setting new goals for yourself – like eating fewer french fries and consuming more fruits and veggies. So, to help you stay focused this year, we found some YUMMY recipes that will help you feel recharged and keep your taste buds happy!


Carrot, Pineapple, Mango Smoothie. Feel like you need a little more Vitamin A in your life? This smoothie may have a vegetable in the name, but the pineapple and mango give it an oh-so-wonderful sweet flavor you won’t be able to resist. You’ll also be getting a mixture of Vitamins C and B, Magnesium, and good fibers. Recipe


Rainbow Veggie Dragon Noodles. If the name of this dish isn’t already magical enough, you’ll love this to-die-for, veggie packed ‘zoodle’ entree you can enjoy for a healthy lunch at work or an easy dinner. You’ll need one large zucchini, bell peppers, eggs, purple cabbage, and Sriracha to drizzle on top. Recipe


Baked Fruit and Veggie Chips. If you didn’t know about this crazy fad to make homemade chips out of fruits and veggies, you’re in for a healthy treat! Put those fake cheesy Doritos aside and pick up an eggplant, cause you’re gonna love these delicious alternatives. has 5 easy ways to turn apples, eggplant, zucchini, kale, and EVEN potatoes into great snacks to help curve those pesky cravings. Recipes


Vegan Rainbow Bowl. Even if you aren’t a hardcore Vegan, you’ll feel your body sing ‘Halleluja!’ after indulging in this colorful bowl of healthy goodness. For your bowl you’ll need: romaine lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, blueberries, avocados, and radishes. For your dressing: natural almond butter, pure maple syrup, and olive oil. Recipe  


Fruit and Veggie Muffins. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, which is why these super healthy muffins are the perfect way to boost you into business mode. These mini delights are jam packed with broccoli, carrots, apples, bananas, and doesn’t get much healthier than that! Recipe


Fruit and Veggie Popsicles. When your sweet tooth starts demanding that chocolate cake, say no to temptation and hello! to a dessert that’s better and HEALTHIER! has 3 ways you can make heart-friendly, refreshing popsicles with flavors like: Strawberry Beet, Mango Orange Carrot, and Creamy Lime. Your whole family will love them! Recipe

Cheers to 2017! May it be healthy, happy, and delicious!