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Summer Party Hacks

Summer Party Hacks.jpg

There’s a lot of details and prep work that go into throwing a barbecue. You have to buy the supplies, set everything up outside, make sure you have your food...just thinking about it is enough to make you break a sweat! To avoid any party planning hiccups (and pesky flies), try out some of these useful party hacks to keep the fun going!


Watermelon Sticks. Watermelon sure is delicious, but sometimes those big slices can be awkward to eat. Make it easier for your guests and the little ones by cutting them into sticks! They’ll appreciate being able to grab a quick refresher on the go while continuing their game of badminton. Example


Onion-ey Non-Stick Grill. Trying to dish out burgers on a sticky grill is a real bummer. Luckily, onions are here to save the day! Simply rub half an onion on your grill before you start cooking for an easy serve and some extra flavor. Example


Citronella Candles. What’s worse than a sticky grill? BUGS. These elegant tea light candles infused with citronella oil make for beautiful backyard decor, and best of all...they’ll keep the creepy crawlies at bay! Example


Frozen Water Balloons. What good are water balloons if they don’t make a triumphant splash? How about some cool ice cubes! Fill the balloons up with water, place them in the freezer until frozen solid, then use them to keep your bottled beverages nice and chilled. Example


Grill Your Fruit! We know...grilling fruit doesn’t sound natural, but hear us out! Instead of making your typical fruit salad, this will bring way more flavor to the table and makes for a simple yet tasty side dish. Plus, they go great with burgers and hotdogs! Example   

The Clean Up. When the party's over, it’s time to clean...which means tackling that stubborn residue on your grill. Get it back to its sparkly self in a snap by using a few simple items: ammonia, a trash bag, rubber band, safety glasses, and rubber gloves. Example


Ziploc Burger Patties. Not many people can agree that preparing hamburger patties is their favorite part of barbecuing. Throwing the meat into a ziploc bag, outlining the patty squares, then freezing them beforehand will save you time and keep your hands goop-free! Example


Here’s to a stress-free, extra delicious BBQ party!