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Our Favorite Summer Day Trips!

Favorite Family Day Trips.jpg

When running through the sprinklers and building living room forts are no longer keeping your kiddos entertained during summer break, we know exactly what you’re going through. The restless jitters start to take over, and boredom wafts through the house like a burnt batch of chocolate chip cookies. If cabin fever is starting to take effect in your house, then it’s time to get out and take a family day trip! Below are a few places you can explore in the Bay Area this summer.


Adventure Playground. Recognized as one of the top 10 playgrounds by National Geographic, this place is not your typical schoolyard hangout. It’s artsy, unique, and encourages climbing and creativity. Located at Berkeley Marina, driving time is approximately one hour from Mountain House! (WEBSITE)


Crab Cove Visitor Center. Spend the day getting to know the marine and shoreline life at the Crab Cove Visitor Center located at Crown Memorial State Beach in Alameda! Check out the cool exhibits and aquarium, and learn more about fascinating underwater creatures. Driving time is approximately one hour. (WEBSITE)


Children’s Fairyland. What youngster doesn’t love fairy tales? This incredible storybook theme park in Oakland is sure to ignite your kids’ imaginations (and they’ll have a blast!). If you’re also looking to celebrate a summer birthday, this is the perfect spot. Driving time is approximately 56 minutes. (WEBSITE)


Redwood Regional Park. Looking for the ultimate outdoor adventure this summer? It’s time to lace up your mountain shoes, pack some PB&J sammies, and explore Redwood Regional Park in Oakland! The park features 1,830 acres of evergreens, grasslands, and rare species of wildlife. Driving time is approximately 52 minutes. (WEBSITE)


Lindsay Wildlife Experience. Get up close and personal with your favorite furry critters! From porcupines and bobcats, to the resident ground squirrel, your whole family will love getting to know some of the coolest animals that walk our planet. Located in Walnut Creek, driving time is approximately 46 minutes. (WEBSITE)


The Oakland Zoo. Lions and tigers and bears...YAY! Just 53 minutes away from Mountain House, you can hang out with Oakland’s finest mammals, reptiles, and birds. (WEBSITE)


Pacific Pinball Museum. If you want to take a break from the animals and try a different kind of activity, stop by the niftiest arcade by the bay! You’ll find rescued and restored pinballs from decades past, PLUS 90 playable machines right at your fingertips with only ONE admission cost! Located in Alameda, driving time is approximately 50 minutes. (WEBSITE)


We hope this gives you plenty of summer inspiration! Drive safely!