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7 Ways to Embrace Greenery into Your Home!

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Feel like you're stuck in an endless rut of beige, grey, and brown? Does your home need a serious boost of life? The color gurus at Pantone have declared GREENERY the color trend of 2017, and in honor of March, we’ve found some fun ways you can easily sneak in some pretty green decor around your home.

Green Accent Wall. Go bold and try something different! A green accent wall could rejuvenate a room instantly and create a positive atmosphere. Example

The Magic of Green and White. Perhaps you’re decorating a child’s room, or a hangout area for when friends come by for late-night pool competitions. The contrast of using a bright green color with clean white lines will make a significant difference in the feeling of the room, and the fun splash of color will definitely turn a frown upside down! Example

Relax with Pastels. If stress is getting you down, perhaps try incorporating a cooler shade of green. Pastels in the bedroom are a great choice for when you live a daily hectic life! Simply lay back, plug in your wave sounds, and be transported to the beach. Example

Fancy Table Settings. Want to add some class to your dining room table? Impress your guests with a mixture of green and blue decor to add some extra frills and sophistication to any big event. The combination will make the room feel cheery, warm, and inviting. Example

A Little Bit Country, a Whole Lot of Green. Can’t decide how to decorate the guest bedroom? Using green decor like fun prints (sheets, chairs, etc.), ribbons, and ruffles can bring out an unexpected country charm, making weekend visitors feel right at home. Example

Going Green in the Kitchen. There’s a reason they call it a center island. It’s the focal point of the kitchen where everyone gathers, where family meals are prepped, and where kids can help mom make brownies (or just lick the bowl). Give the island even more spotlight by using beaded wood and a pale shade of green to make it stand out. Example  

Bring the Outdoors In! Of course, Greenery wouldn’t be GREENERY without adding some fresh plants around the house. Whether fake, real, tall, or eccentric, plants accentuate the feeling of nature and new life. Try out some of these fun ideas: Example  

We hope these ideas will help you embrace this magical color of the year!