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When Nature Calls: Living Outdoors at Mountain House!

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Nothing beats this time of year in the beautiful place we love to call home. You know, the time of year when most days the weather is perfect, and there’s a gentle breeze in the air while baby birds sing their first song.🐥 🎶

The time of year when we’d rather be soaking in all of that vitamin D instead of being stuck inside at school or at work 😩 (oh how we miss the days of recess!).


Spending time outdoors is what we Mountain House natives love to do most. Come on, just look at all of the incredible nature that surrounds us!

Pretty fantastic, right? We certainly think so.😇

Since the great outdoors is a huge part of what makes our community so special, we thought we’d share with you a few of our favorite places (and spaces) to spend quality time with Mother Nature.

Ahh, we love this cozy outdoor set up in the Muir model at Heritage. Imagine playing a round of Monopoly out here with the whole family on a warm summer evening.😌

How inviting is this? You could host all kinds of special occasions in this outdoor space! If you would love to entertain out here, check out the Charlene floorplan at Huntington.

A warm spring day at MH calls for an old-fashioned BBQ...especially one that involves

a few rounds of ping pong! Get a closer look at this outdoor oasis at Plan Four at Ashford.

One thing that’s great about our community is the continuous positive vibes you feel no matter where you go.

Hanging out at any of our parks will definitely turn your frown upside down, like these two cuties getting in their exercise at Central Park! 😁

Yeah, an afternoon at the splash pad will do that to you.

And, of course, the wild spirits who are called to the fresh air and vegetation will love exploring all of our scenic walking trails. Who has a four-legged companion we can borrow? 🐾

In summary...we love playing outside at Mountain House and you will too!🌻

Spend an afternoon with us at Mountain House soon to see how you can make yourself in this vibrant community.

Take a peek right now at each of our available neighborhoods here:

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