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Water Games for Memorial Day!


Can you believe it’s almost Memorial Day?! We don’t know about you, but we’re pretty excited  about the long weekend and having an extra day to Netflix and chill.😴  But, if you have little ones to entertain or a family BBQ to plan, we found some water games to help keep everyone cool under the toasty, Mountain House sun.🌞

Roll 6 and Splash. This is the perfect game to keep the younger kids occupied while the grownups catch up over margaritas! Fill a large tray full of water, have the kids roll a die (a large foam die would be best), and who ever rolls a six splashes their hand in the water to get everyone wet. It’s simple, but will keep the giggles going! EXAMPLE

Fill the Bucket! Get everyone moving while the hotdogs are on the grill and see who can get the most water in their bucket! Taking a large sponge, the teams have to move quickly to squeeze water into their bucket and fill it to the top. Make it extra fun by adding a cute prize for the winning team! 🏆 EXAMPLE


DIY Water Blobs. Don’t worry, these aren’t as scary as they sound. With some plastic sheeting, parchment paper, blue dye, a hose, and an iron, your kids will have a blast slipping and sliding on these super cool contraptions! 💦  EXAMPLE


Duck, Duck, Splash. This is a “splashy” twist on the game you loved as a kid. The rules are the same, except the person who’s “it” dumps a cup of water on the goose! Everyone can join in, or you can get the kids together to a play a few rounds. EXAMPLE


DIY Pool Noodle Toss.  This is a super easy craft and will only take a few minutes to put together. Take one noodle and cut it in half. Turn both halves into circles with duck tape. Tie or tape the circles in between two straight noodles for a fun game of noodle toss! EXAMPLE


Frozen Superhero. Throw a superhero-themed party this Memorial weekend and add this game to the agenda! Freeze some action figures in a bucket of water, then have the kids race to free their hero with a squirt gun. This is a great game for everyone and perfect for those who are fans of caped crusaders.😎  EXAMPLE


Water Balloon Baseball. You’ll definitely hit a homerun with this activity. Instead of using actual baseballs, use water balloons and wiffle bats for a fun game of Water Balloon Baseball. Everyone can get up to bat, or one person can bat and splash the others. Either way, it’s the perfect way to have some fun in the sun. EXAMPLE


Happy Memorial Day, everyone! 🍔