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Kite Festival Talk With Angel Lamb!


We are pumped and ready for the Annual Kite Festival coming up this Saturday, June 3rd, and who better to talk to about our favorite event than the coordinator herself, Angel Lamb! See what she had to say about planning, memories, and what it’s like behind the scenes.

In a brief summary, can you tell us what the process is like behind the scenes when planning the Kite Festival?

We start with the budget. Since we are on a fiscal year budget, I have to estimate what we will spend for that event. We are currently working on the budget for July 2017 through June 2018. This is the last event that I have for my current budget. In the beginning of the year, I start contacting the bands and scheduling them. Next, we contact a lot of vendors, set up contracts for the Kite Wranglers and Stunt Kites, and advertise the event. A few days before the event, we send out emails to all parties involved to let them know what to expect, where to go set up, and just a general account for the day. The day of the event is all about organization and making sure the vendors know where to be, that all supplies have arrived, and that people have a great time.

Who came up with the idea to start an annual Kite Festival?

They were looking for a signature event for Mountain House, and since there is a lot of wind here...flying kites seemed to fit! This will be our 12th annual event and it has grown a lot since the first year.

What is your favorite part about planning the event?
Meeting new people! I talk to a lot of different people every day and I enjoy that part of the event.

When you attend the event, which feature do you enjoy most?

I enjoy watching the big kites and the Kite Wranglers. It is a lot of fun to see the faces of the kids when those kites are up in the air. I also really enjoy the vendors that bring out the crafts for kids to create their very own kite.

Can you share with us your favorite memory from any of the Kite Festivals over the years?

It has to be the running joke of how windy it always is in Mountain House, except for the day of the Kite Festival. The years that we are able to get the kites up in the air are the best years!

Take a walk down memory lane and watch our video below:

Just like at past events, if you feel like joining the early-bird runners, meet at Central Park before the race begins at 7:30 a.m. on the 5K or 10K course. Registration info can be found HERE. The running event will officially end at 10 a.m. in time for the Kite Festival at Central Park. Join us for food, music, and kite demonstrations by Air Zone and Kite Wranglers! Check out the EVENT PAGE for more details.

Don’t make a wrong turn and miss the party! For directions on how to get to Central Park, visit our mobile app for Apple and Android.

The mood is right, let’s fly some kites!