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Turkey Substitutions for Thanksgiving!

Turkey Substitutions.jpg

We all have our favorite dishes at Thanksgiving, the ones that we BEG our moms to make every year, like: fluffy garlic mashed potatoes, cheesy green bean casserole, and sweet dinner rolls slathered in butter. But, there are also the side dishes that seem to always be left on our plates, you know the ones: stuffing, yams, Aunt Norma’s fruit salad, AND, the big bird itself...TURKEY. Yes, it's true, not everyone enjoys a juicy slice of turkey on Thanksgiving, and if you fall under this category, there are plenty of appetizing dishes you can make instead. Try some of the gobble-icious recipes below!


Pomegranate Brisket. If the thought of having to stuff a giant turkey makes you heave a heavy sigh, give this decadent meat dish a try! Recipe --->

Maple Dijon Chicken. Maple. Chicken. Mmmm. If you’re not much of a pork or beef eater, this fancy chicken dish will definitely hit the spot! Recipe --->

Roasted Duck Breasts. If turkey isn’t your bird of choice, don’t settle for anything less! Get out of your comfort zone and try roasting duck breasts this year. Recipe --->

Whole Fish Baked in Sea Salt. Whether you’re trying to cut back on meat, or if you’ve recently decided to become a pescatarian, make fish the primary dish! Consider whitefish or salmon as the main course. Recipe --->

Cannelloni with Walnuts and Fried Sage.  It may sound intimidating, but the final product is well worth the effort! You’ll need pasta rectangles, a slew of ingredients to make a braised beef filling, and a cheesy, buttery Béchamel sauce. Recipe --->

Butter Poached Lobster. A holiday lobster can be just as iconic as a holiday turkey. If you have a family full of seafood lovers, this could be the perfect Thanksgiving entree for you! Recipe --->

Million Dollar Lasagna. Skip the poultry and fish route altogether and enjoy a hefty helping of lasagna! Your dinner guests will definitely love this comfort food favorite. Recipe --->


We hope you have a scrumptious (alternative) Turkey Day!