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Welome to the Mountain House Farmers Market!


We can all agree that there’s nothing like indulging in the finest and freshest produce, and with the holidays coming up, making sure our signature dishes include the BEST ingredients is priority number ONE (aside from balancing work while raising model citizens, AND getting a solid eight hours of sleep in the process 😴 ). You catch our drift.

But, where can you get such delicious ingredients that will WOW your party guests this holiday season? The answer is right here at Mountain House! Yes, our very own Mountain House Farmers Market has been held at Wicklund Park since August, and will continue to sell mouth-watering goodies until November 19th, just in time for Thanksgiving! 😀

Is that not the greatest news ever?!

So, what kind of goodies are offered? Let us give you the delicious rundown:

Need a boost to power through all of those  Sunday errands? Jolts Coffee Bar is a regular visitor at the Farmers Market and will be there to make all of your caffeinated dreams come true!

Visit all of the amazing vendors while snacking on some extra sweet kettle corn fromBlue Moon Kettle Corn in Tracy!

Their corn is gluten-free and comes in a variety of tasty colors.

Baking season is upon us, which means you’ll need the freshest eggs in town! Stop by and get a fabulous batch of eggs from Great Valley Poultry. 🍳
Strawberries, cherries, peaches, apricots...Annie’s Happy Farm has all of your favorite fruits ready to be picked, as well as dried fruits, nuts, and honey!🍓

Your furry pals are also invited to come grab a snack! Madee’s Dog Bakery makes fantastic pastries for all canine family members, including pumpkin bites, peanut butter bones, blueberry drops, and beer grain treats.🐶

Biting into pure-aged cheese is like tasting a small piece of heaven, and Achadinha Cheese Company has some amazing cheeses that are out of this world!

Stop by their booth and try some for won’t regret it!

Here are more vendors to look out for: 

J&J Ramos Farms

Hamlow Ranches

Esquirel Farm of Watsonville

Nyia Yi Farms

C&M Farms of Watsonville

Bay Fresh Producer of Salinas

V&V Farms

SIP Inc of Walnut Creek

Bonami Baking Co of Pittsburg

Le Croissant Bakery of Manteca

Crab Fiesta and Events

Dos Pueblos Oaxacan Tamales of Riverbank

Hummus Heaven

Mother Flower of Mountain House

We can’t wait to nab some more awesome grub! Need directions to Wicklund Park? Download the mobile app for APPLE and ANDROID.

You can also check out the event page HERE.  

See you there!