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10 Tips for a Safe Halloween!

Tips for a Safe Halloween.jpg


Dressing up as our favorite ghouls, consuming delicious candy, and getting spooked by clowns and witches as we try to sneak past them on can we not love trick-or-treating?! Spending a night out with your kids on All Hallows Eve is a tradition we wait for every year, BUT it’s also a night when mischievous monsters like to run amuck. Check out the tips below to keep your kids safe and sound this Halloween! 🎃



1. Two heads are better than one. If you have teenagers stepping out on their own this year, make sure they stick together and travel in groups! They may want their independence but set a ground rule for staying with friends and not trick-or-treating alone.


2. Take a flashlight. Wandering out into the dark is definitely spooky, especially if you’re in uncharted territory. If you’re taking your little ones around new neighborhoods, make sure to bring a flashlight and have your teens keep one on hand as well.


3. Bring a phone. These days, phones are lifesavers when it comes to keeping in contact with our kids. Have someone in the group bring a phone in case of an emergency, and so that you can check-in every once in a while.


4. Pick the right costumes. When buying costumes, read the labels to make sure they are fire resistant. Some homes might be well lit with candles, tiki torches, etc., so keep that in mind when browsing for that perfect firefighter costume for your tyke!


5. Only visit when the lights are on. If someone’s porch lights are off, that probably means they’re not home, or that they don’t want to be bothered with any Halloween shenanigans. While this is most likely the case, you still want to avoid dark homes altogether and stay near homes that are fully lit and don’t look spooky.


6. Make sure costumes are accident proof. When your little superhero is ready to take flight, don’t send them off just yet! Avoid any accidents by adjusting capes and other accessories to keep their costumes trip and tangle-free.


7. Have your kids memorize your address. If for any reason your kiddos get separated from you or their friends, it’s important they know their address and phone number. Make sure they know them both by heart so that they get help finding their way home if assistance is needed.


8. Reflective Tape. Keep your littles visible by adding reflective tape to their costumes and candy bags! This will help keep them extra safe around cars and other vehicles while crossing the street.


9. Know the Route. If your teenagers are going trick-or-treating with friends this year, plan out the route together before the big night. You’ll have peace of mind knowing what area they’re in and where to find them if need be!


10. Examine the Candy. As soon as everyone gets home for the night, the kids will want to dive into their candy right away. Examine ALL of their wrapped sweets before they chow down!


Have a happy and safe Halloween, everyone!