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Recipes to Make on National Waffle Day!


If you dream of eating waffles all day, every day, we have great news! There’s a whole DAY dedicated to the fluffy, checkerboard breakfast treats we love (August 24th!), so of course, we’re going to celebrate by eating all kinds delicious waffle concoctions. Get your waffle irons ready, ya’ll! 😍






Cinnamon Roll Waffles. What happens when you combine one gooey, cinnamony treat with the classic waffle? THE BEST BREAKFAST EVER. You might want to leave the bacon and eggs, cause these babies will leave you plenty full and happy! Get the recipe HERE. 🎉

Apple Cider Waffles. Even though the temps are still in the red zone, school is back in session at Mountain House, which means it’s kinda, sorta fall…right? If you’re craving the flavors of the chilly season, these apple delights will transport you to a winter cabin cozied up by the fire. Get the recipe HERE. 🍎

Gluten Free Waffle Churro Sticks. Ditch the silverware and use your hands for this sweet and chocolatey recipe! Cut your waffles into strips and dunk them in a super delicious sauce. Get the recipe HERE. 🍫

Blueberry Crumb Cake Waffles. Yes, that’s right...waffles made from cake! Don’t mind us while we swoon. 😋 These morning fluffs pack a berry punch, with flavors like blueberry and lemon all rolled into one (or four...depending on how many you eat 😉). Make these for your kiddos before school! Get the recipe HERE.

Banana Bread Waffles. Change up Grandma's banana bread recipe by morphing it into a yummy stack of square-shaped goodness! If you love the comforting taste of a fresh loaf of banana bread, you’ll love it even more as a waffle. Get the recipe HERE. 🍌

Stuffed Pizza Waffles. Did someone say pizza? How about something even more amazing...savory waffles stuffed with cheese and sprinkled with all of your favorite toppings! Get the recipe HERE. 🍕

Egg & Cheese Hashbrown Waffles. If you love all of the best breakfast dishes, now you can enjoy them all at once! As soon as you bite into these crispy morsels, you’ll taste the classic, savory flavors of hashbrowns AND eggs. 🍳 Get the recipe HERE.

Happy National Waffle Day!