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Celebrate National Gingerbread House Day!


Did you know December 12th is National Gingerbread House Day? It’s true! In honor of this most magical occasion, we’ve found some fabulous decorating tips to help you build a festive gingerbread masterpiece. Scroll down below to get some inspiration! 🎄





Sledding Marshmallow Man. Need some help creating an adorable, extra fluffy snowman for your gingerbread creation? All you need is two marshmallows (one small and one large), pretzel sticks, and two miniature candy canes to bring this sledding cutie to life! INSTRUCTIONS

Gingerbread House Doors.
Spice up the front door of your gingerbread house with these super clever designs! EXAMPLE

Candy Snails and Mushrooms.
Give your gingerbread house some curb appeal with some adorable yard decor. These candy snails and mushrooms are the perfect addition! INSTRUCTIONS

Super Cool Trees! When designing the landscaping for a gingerbread house, most people tend to stick to plastic trees and focus more on the house itself. BUT, if you're entering any competitions this month, you need to bring your A game. Check out these awesome edible trees! INSTRUCTIONS

Candy Pathways. Every porch needs a beautiful pathway! Here are some super easy and aesthetically pleasing pathways to attempt. EXAMPLE

Strong Icing Cement. Avoid a crumbling gingerbread house this year! This icing recipe will keep your roof intact and your walls in place as you make it look picture perfect. INSTRUCTIONS

Brick House Designs. We want your gingerbread house to be the BEST on the mantle. Spiff it up with an awesome brick design! INSTRUCTIONS

Happy decorating! May the best gingerbread house win! 🏠