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Helpful Tips for a Healthy Heart!


We often forget how vital our hearts are to our well-being. Think about it...without a healthy heart, you wouldn’t be able to do all the things you love, like climb a crazy mountain, or ride your favorite coaster at your favorite theme park! 😱

Could the Tin Man function without a heart? Maybe he could dance around and sing...but how grateful was he to finally receive a beautiful heart from the Wizard? Because he knew that you can’t live a happy life without that healthy beating nucleus.


So, let’s be like the Tin Man and be grateful for our hearts, starting with these healthy recipes and exercises! 💪

Sriracha Honey Salmon Vegetable Packets. If you prefer a hearty steak to a fishy,, you might just become a fan after enjoying a yummy piece of salmon marinated in zesty sriracha and honey, surrounded by a beautiful assortment of veggies. RECIPE

Yoga Asana Exercises. Just because yoga is fast paced, doesn’t mean you won’t break a sweat. Check out some of these heart-healthy moves to work into your daily routine. 👉

Lemony Orzo Veggie Salad. Skip the Big Mac and say hello to lemony orzo! This entree is packed with everything you need to take on the world: vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium...yes, please! RECIPE

Circuit Training. Nothing gets your blood pumping like a speedy circuit workout! You’ll definitely be feelin’ the burn after trying some of these 👉

Italian Vegetable Beef Soup. Whether it’s sunny or chilly, you’ll enjoy this veggie soup any time of the year! If you prefer not to use beef, try substituting with cannellini beans. RECIPE

7s Workout. Strengthen your heart by doing seven of these awesome exercises daily: lunges, sit-ups, burpees, squats, push-ups, Russian twists, and tricep dips. 👉

Zucchini Noodles With Turkey Meatballs. Ever heard of a zoodle? It’s tastier than it sounds and even healthier for you! BONUS: they’re super fun to make. RECIPE

Weight Training. Grab your weights and do some planks! Get your body on track with these easy weight training exercises you can do at home...your heart will thank you! 👉

Here’s to a heart-healthy 2018!