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5 Reasons Why We Love MHHS!


Here at Mountain House, residents can walk, bike, and run to our beautiful parks, scenic trails, our Sunday Farmers Market, the library, AND our amazing schools! 🎉 After opening in the fall of the 2014-2015 school year for freshmen and sophomores, Mountain House High School is now a four-year comprehensive school and has become one of the best additions to the community.

Here are 5 reasons why we 💗 MHHS!




Mustang Online Pathway

If your child has specific needs that prohibit them from attending class full time, the online program allows them to take the classes they need to succeed, get one-on-one tutoring from the teacher, and receive personal assistance from a guidance counselor to keep them on track with their courses. Learn more here.

The Early College Program

Students with ambitions to participate in higher education can get a jump on the process by taking college level courses, earn dual credits for classes taken at Delta College, as well as getting their high school diploma AND an Associate's of Science degree! This innovative program (a recent recipient of the Golden Bell Award from The California School Board Association! 🏆)  also helps families with the financial demands that come with taking advanced classes. Learn more here.

Mastery-Based Learning

MHHS takes critical thinking seriously by using a method called Mastery-Based Learning. Instead of simply completing homework every week, students are required to approach the assignment at a deeper level through Mastery Assessment Preparation. This allows students to learn at their own pace and to fully understand and master the subject before moving on to something new. Learn more here.  

1:1 Chromebook Initiative

The staff at MHHS understands that technology is the future, and it’s a future our kids will take part in once they enter the real world. Students use Chromebooks for their educational work as a way of learning how to communicate in a digital age, and how to integrate technology into their daily lessons. This program also benefits students with a high interest in technological career paths! Learn more here. 💻

Project Lead The Way

MHHS is a proud supporter of Project Lead the Way, the nation's leading provider of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Education programs! High school is just one step to becoming a successful member of society, and PLTW educates students in MHHS’s chosen fields of Engineering, Biomedical Science, and Computer Science. Through this award-winning program, students can launch full force into today’s global economy. Learn more here.

If you think MHHS sounds like a great place to learn and thrive, visit their website HERE and discover more reasons to love this amazing school located in the Mountain House community! 🐎