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A Guide to Making Your Resolutions Stick!


Ahh, a new year, a new you, a new set of goals for making 2018 #TooLegitToQuit.

We know that feeling when a new year starts. You’re excited to tackle everything you said you would accomplish the year before...and by March you’ve already tossed the kale chips and you’re snacking on hot Cheetos. 😰

Good news, we found some tricks to help you stick to those goals and make 2018 the most rewarding year yet! Check them out👇.

Make LESS resolutions

Have some really big goals you’ve been putting off? Give yourself some leeway and set your sights on two or three (braces, lose weight, write the next great American get the jist). This will keep your probability of success within reach, and help you feel less pressured to knock everything off your to-do list. 👍

SMALLER goals, BIGGER results

Smaller goals are easier to manage and are as equally rewarding (clean out the junk drawer, organize your pantry, get your oil get what we’re puttin’ down). As soon as you start checking things off your list, you won’t want to stop! 💪

Plan FIRST!  

Every great novel has an outline, and every great company starts with a business plan. The same goes for New Year’s resolutions! If your goal is to lose weight before the big family reunion in June, create a workout/food outline to keep you on track! Planning out your steps will set you on the right path towards victory. 🏆

TREAT YOURSELF for a job well done!

Went to the gym every day this week and ate all your veggies? Show yourself some love with a fun treat! Whether it’s that super cute purse you’ve been eyeing for a month, or a yummy cup of froyo, rewarding yourself for small accomplishments along the way will keep you motivated. 🍧

Positive THINKING, positive DOING

Negative thoughts seem to creep up on a daily basis and make us lose sight of our goals.🚧 Remind yourself of the good moments that happened during the day by writing out a positivity list, and your faith in getting back on the path towards greatness will be restored! 🚴

OUT with the old, IN with the new

Reminders of your bad habits are the absolute worst! Toss them all out, start fresh, and keep your eyes on the prize! 😍

TELL your friends and family!

A support system can go a long way! Tell your friends and family about your 2018 aspirations and they’ll help you see them through to the end! 😊

Here’s to achieving our goals in 2018!