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Great Rooms for Great Families


Spending time with our favorite people is one of the sweetest pleasures in life (next to chocolate cake, sleeping in, and puppies 🐶 ). But, it’s even sweeter when we get to spend time with our peeps in the most inviting room in our home: the living room/ family room/ great room, whatever you want to call it!

We’d like to think we have some of the best game night-worthy great rooms here at Mountain House. 😍  Check out a few of our favorites below!


     ~ The Clarissa Plan ~
Large sliding glass doors make this great room feel even GREATER all around! Who needs to go out when you can get cozy in this beautiful space? 😴

Tribute II
~ Residence One ~

You say living room, we say sanctuary. Imagine kicking off your shoes, turning off your phone,
and enjoying some family time in this beauty! 📱 ←🚫

 Umbria III
~ Residence Two ~

If you take binge watching seriously, this is the perfect spot to settle in for two hours...or six.😬  
Cue up the fire and pass the popcorn!

Sundance II
~ Residence Two ~   Let there be light! You’ll never feel blue in this sunny, serendipitous spread.🌞

 ~ Residence Four ~Give yourself some legroom and sprawl out in this open dwelling at Ashford!
Who’s up for a cartwheel competition? 🙋

Come see your favorite great room and MORE in person! Don’t forget to download our mobile app for Android and Apple to learn more about our homes here at Mountain House. 📱 ← 👍