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A Guide for Back to School Prep!


We’re enjoying every bit of the summer weather here at Mountain House, but as August approaches, we must face the reality that summer break for our kiddos is quickly coming to an end. It’s hard to think about the first day of school already, but it never hurts to prepare a few weeks early! 📚




Here are some ways you can get your kids in gear before the first bell rings:

Morning Routine Chart
It’s true what they say, writing down a list of goals/tasks that need to be done will keep you in check...and the same goes for your kids! Start implementing a morning routine chart early on so that by the time the first day of school rolls around, they will be pros at getting ready to go in a timely fashion. 💪 Here’s an example of a chart you can print, but you can also go the DIY route!

Prep Your Lunch Menu
If you want your kiddos to stick to homemade lunches, start writing down ideas now! Here are some simple ideas to get you started from Thirty Handmade Days. 🍎

Homework Station
As parents, we love hearing the moaning and groaning of not wanting to do homework 😏,  which is why creating a cool and organized spot for school assignments will help them get excited! Don’t worry, this will be a fun project for you as well. 😉 Are your kids into superheroes? Disney characters? Unicorns? Create a theme they’ll love with all of the essential supplies available. Seeing this set up early on will get them pumped and might help ease that inevitable homework angst!

Backpack Station
No more tripping over backpacks this year! If your kids' backpacks don’t have a proper home, make this another DIY summer project before school starts. Find a corner, hang some hooks, create some cute signage, and voila!

Bedtime Schedule
When summer break officially hits, the bedtime routine goes out the window for three months, which is why it’s important to get your kids back on their schedule about two weeks before the first day of school! If you want them to be fresh-faced and ready for the upcoming year, give them some screen-free wind-down time an hour before their “school” bedtime, like reading, or doing a puzzle. The kids might not love it at first...but when those alarms go off the first day, you’ll be happy you started early! 😴

Small Rewards for a Smooth Morning!
On the first day of school, set a new rule that if your kids complete their morning routine in a timely manner, they will get some kind of reward (like a drink from Starbucks, or a small treat). This will motivate them to pick up the pace, and the morning routine chart mentioned above will help!

Re-establish Chores
Early bedtimes aren’t the only thing that gets lost in the summertime fun. If the kids aren’t doing much around the house, start establishing chores so they can expect to do them while school is in session. Homework and chores will help improve their sense of responsibility. 😌

Family Schedule
Soccer practice, dance recitals, parent-teacher nights….it can all get jumbled and confusing if you don’t write it all down. Create a family schedule so that you’re all on the same page and nobody forgets to turn in a book report or miss a clarinet lesson! 📌

We hope our miniature guide to success makes the first day of school easy breezy!