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Adventures with Mom Near Mountain House!


From scraping our knees on the playground to getting into our first fender bender, our moms have been there for us through EVERYTHING (thanks, Mom! 😊). So, how do you show such an amazing woman how much you appreciate the hugs and paid parking tickets? By planning a day full of fun activities near Mountain House! We even made it easy and mapped out the day for you 😉.





Check out our Mother’s Day agenda below:

Start Your Day off with a Hike!
Begin Mother’s Day morning by going on a beautiful hike at the scenic Brushy Peak Regional Preserve! Bring your pup along, take some photos, and catch up on life in a tranquil Livermore location. You might even see some cute critters. Refuel for the Fun Day Ahead
Breakfast burritos, pancakes, waffles, omelets...treat Mom to a yummy brunch at Denica’s Real Food Kitchen. Splurge and try the cookie dough waffle! 😋

Surround Your Mom with Flowers
We couldn’t think of a better way to spend Mother’s Day than by taking a trip to Alden Lane Nursery. This super cool flower mecca has gardening classes, places to sit, walk, and just surround yourself with the beauty of Livermore’s fruit trees and greenery. 🌺

The Coolest Tour in Livermore

Segways and wine...need we say more? Get the full tour of wine country and have a sip or two of some of the yummiest wines on the market at Livermore Tour Company. Please Segway responsibly! 🍷

Start Your Engines!
Is your mom an adrenaline junky? After a peaceful Segway tour, pick up the pace with a super fun go-kart race at Race Umigo! You can even celebrate with a drink afterward. Loser pays! 🍻

End the Night with a Movie
If Mom is a total movie buff, end the night atVine Cinema and see what’s playing. Catch your favorite classics or see something new! 🎥

Whether you spend the day out and about, or enjoy a relaxing day closer to home, we hope you have a fantastic Mother’s Day. 💕