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Diversity at Mountain House: A Community for Everyone!


If you’ve just discovered Mountain House and our weekly blog, we’re so glad you’re here!






By now you probably know we are a family-friendly, outdoor-friendly, pretty much all-around friendly community that loves welcoming anyone and everyone.✌

If you currently feel like you don’t have a sense of belonging in your community, it’s time to make a change! Here, we offer a broad range of groups where people can connect with those they have in common, whether that thing is a certain lifestyle, hobby, ethnic background, or support group. 😊

Mountain House Mothers’ Club
Being a mom is an amazing thing, but sometimes you need a few shoulders to lean on. The Mountain House Mothers’ Club is always welcoming new members and is a great place to build lifelong friendships and get support from other amazing moms in the community! Learn more about these awesome ladies HERE. 👶

Mountain House Tracy Telugu Association
The Tracy Telugu Association is open to all who wish to learn and celebrate the Telugu culture with others! This group is also dedicated to raising funds for natural disasters in India and the U.S. with other non-profit organizations. If this sounds like the group for you, click HERE to find out how you can get involved! 💞

The Rotary Club of Mountain House
The Rotary Club is committed to gathering with friends, neighbors, and passionate problem- solvers of all backgrounds to make a difference in the world. Core values include diversity, integrity, service, and leadership...what could be better?! Discover your calling and get to know the group HERE. 🌎

Check out some of our other amazing groups here in the community:

Asian American Association

Mountain House Cancer Support Group

Mountain House LGBT Group

La Leche League of Livermore

Mountain House Autism Awareness

Mountain House Filipino-American Society

Mountain House Seniors Group

Our community is truly a place for everyone to call home, and we’re proud to have such a wonderfully diverse group of residents! 🎉