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Celebrate National Take a Hike Day on November 17th!


If you’ve spent some time getting to know our community lately, you already know how much we love being outdoors. So, naturally, it would make sense for us to be SUPER excited aboutNational Take a Hike Day coming up on Saturday, November 17th! To celebrate, we picked out some of our favorite hikes near Mountain House. Grab your sneaks, your favorite playlist, your hiking buddy, and hit the trails this weekend!



Sycamore Grove Park.  Want to take an evening stroll amongst beautiful trees and greenery, with crisp fall leaves crunching beneath your feet? Sycamore Grove Park has 847 acres of land and wildlife to explore! Learn more HERE.

Holdner Park.
Go on an outdoor adventure and soak in the sights at Holdner Park! Surround yourself with open grasslands, majestic blue oaks, wildflowers, and you might even see a deer or two. Learn more HERE.

Brushy Peak Regional Preserve.
Spanning over 1,800 acres, this is a great place to get some exercise with your pup! You can also choose between a variety of flat or steep inclines, depending on your pro hiking status! Visitors have been known to catch a glimpse of red-tailed hawks, golden eagles, meadowlarks, toads, and tree frogs. Learn more HERE.

Del Valle Regional Park. Hiking. Swimming. Camping. Picnicking. This park has it all! Visitors can take full advantage of the 4,395 acres of land to explore, watch sailboats pass by, and even do some horseback riding! Learn more HERE.

Ohlone Regional Wilderness Park.
Whether you’re on horseback, a bike, or on foot, this park has 28 miles of mountains and canyons to trek. Watch out for bobcats and mountain lions! Learn more HERE.

Livermore Tour Company.
Looking for a different kind of that includes wine, maybe? This could be the perfect choice for you and your gal pals! You won’t exactly be hiking on foot, but you will be wheeling around the beautiful sites of wine country and a cool segway! (We say it still counts 😉). Learn more HERE.

Mountain House Creek.
Want to stay closer to home? Mountain House Creek has a beautiful three-mile greenbelt that’s a great choice for getting in a good amount of cardio. Grab your favorite walking partner and work those leg muscles!

Happy hiking from your pals at Mountain House!