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Games and Activities to Play on Thanksgiving Day!


Can you believe Thanksgiving is THIS WEEK? 😱 If you’re ahead of the game and you have everything organized and planned down to the last candlestick, way to prep!! If you still need some ideas on how to entertain your guests, check out the festive games and activities we’ve hunted and gathered below!




The Mayflower. On your marks, get set, go! Grab a large storage container and fill it with water. Stick a fake flower into a cork, and try to get yours to the other side of the container just by blowing on it! May the best man/woman win! Click HERE to learn more about this fun game and more.

Conversation Starters.If you could bring anyone to Thanksgiving dinner who would you bring?” This is just one of the many fun questions you can pass around at the table to get the conversation going! Get more fun prompts HERE.

Turkey Bowling. This is a great game to keep all of your little turkeys occupied while you put the finishing touches on dinner! Use 10 butternut squashes for the pins and create adorable scoring cards! Learn more HERE.


Thanksgiving Nature Walk. After dinner, take the family on a nature walk around the neighborhood to hunt for specific items! Everyone who completes the scavenger hunt gets to have a delicious slice of pie (or maybe an extra spoonful of grandma’s stuffing?). Learn more HERE.

I’m Thankful For...Have a lot to be thankful for this year? Have your guests write it out starting from A to Z! You’ll find the answers to range from heartfelt to wonderfully silly. Learn more HERE.

Thanksgiving Bingo. If your guests’ stomachs start to rumble before the food is even on the table, get a game of bingo going! Have someone be the designated bingo announcer and hand out cute little prizes for the winners. Get full bingo print-outs HERE!

Turkey Trivia. How much do you know about turkeys? Quiz your dinner guests with these fun trivia questions and make sure the person with the most turkey knowledge gets something cool to take home! (A turkey craft from the kids, maybe? 😉). Learn more HERE.

We hope you have very fun and filling Thanksgiving!