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Spooky Halloween Kids Crafts!


We love decorating for Halloween!! If you love transforming your home into a spookified dwelling every October, we found some extra creepy crawlies to craft with your kiddos! So, get a nice cozy fire going, cue up Hocus Pocus, and spend a lazy Saturday making some ghostly creations! 👻





Witchy Pinecone Owl. This bewitched little owl won’t keep the vampires away...but he’s definitely adorable! All you need is some crafting felt and pinecones! See the full directions HERE. 👀

Paper Plate Bats. Paper plates are some of the best crafting tools on the grocery store shelf, and they’re especially fantastic to make some spooky black bats! Grab some white paper plates so that the kids can have some extra fun painting, and use construction paper to cut out the wings. Instructions HERE.

Footprint Ghosts! Bring the spirits to life with these frightening (but mostly cute) footprint ghosts! Have your kids step into some white washable paint, then press their feet onto some black cardstock paper. Take a white crayon to draw out a face, then cut them out and hang them up in the windows on your front porch! Instructions HERE.👣

Popsicle Stick Frankenstein. Popsicle sticks are also one of the best crafting tools to use with kids! The sky's the limit to what you can create, even the ghoulish face of Frankenstein. All you need is green and black paint, googly eyes, some cardboard, and a hefty amount of Popsicle sticks. Instructions HERE.

Candy Figurines. Candy doesn't just have a sweet side...these creepy figurines will surely give your visitors a chill up their spine! Grab your favorite candies (the link will have a suggested list) and bring your little sugary people to life! Instructions HERE. 🍬

Styrofoam Spider! There’s nothing scarier than a giant black spider roaming through the house, and this one is super simple to put together. Half of a Styrofoam ball is used for the body, pipe cleaners for the legs, and some silly googly eyes to make him friendly and cute! Instructions HERE.

Rock Monsters. Take your kids outside to grab a handful of rocks (or you can buy some at a craft store), gather up some fun bright colors, a Sharpie to draw on some scary or funny faces, and add a googly eye or three to create little rock monsters. Instructions HERE. 👹

Happy crafting (and haunting!). 🎃