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Recipes for National Pepperoni Pizza Day!


What day is better than the official return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks? National Pepperoni Pizza Day OF COURSE! 😀But we’re not just celebrating pepperoni pizza...we’re going all out and paying tribute to ALL kinds of pizza, from the sweet and fruity to the savory and cheesy.  Skip the waiting game with the delivery guy from Pizza Hut and try making some of these recipes from scratch on September 20th!




🍕Pepperoni Pizza Rolls. We thought these would be fun to make instead of the traditional pizza pie. If you want to stick with pepperoni pizza on NPP Day, these saucy rolls will be the perfect way to celebrate! RECIPE

🍕M&M Chocolate Brownie Pizza. Oh, where art thou, chocolate? Our hearts are already aflutter for these candy-covered slices of pizza heaven. Treat the crew to this melt-in-your-mouth, chocolatey dessert! RECIPE

🍕Summer Peach and Balsamic Pizza. Chances are the summer temps are going to be sticking around for a few days longer, so why not enjoy every moment with this divine marriage of peach and goat cheese!? RECIPE

🍕Gluten-Free Fruit Pizza. Fruit on a pizza? Yes, please! This dreamy pie consists of a crust made from gluten-free sugar cookie mix, gluten-free vanilla, strawberries, blueberries, and a taste-bud tingling apple jelly. RECIPE

🍕Vegan Buffalo Chickpea Pizza with Ranch. Looking for a meat and cheese-free dish? This one is a slam dunk and has a real kick! Assemble your fellow veganites and sample a slice of this buffalo chickpea concoction. RECIPE

🍕Taffy Apple Pizza. For those of you who are ready to transition into fall flavors this month, we could think of no better ingredient to indulge in two days before the official first day of fall (September 22nd!) than APPLE. Red apples, green apples, Granny Smith apples... either one will make an excellent topping! RECIPE

🍕Rainbow Cauliflower Crust Pizza. This is a fun way to incorporate some veggies into your kids’ diet...and it’s colorful too! If you’ve yet to try cauliflower crust, trust us when we say you’ll be hashtagging #NoRegrets on your Instagram photo of this scrumptious pie. RECIPE

Enjoy making your pizzas!