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10 Family-Friendly Indoor Activities for Cold Winter Days

We’re in the thick of winter here at Mountain House, and while more time indoors can give the best of us a case of cabin fever, there are lots of activities that the whole family can enjoy together when the weather outside is frightful. Looking for some good indoor games and activities are for your kids? Check out our list below:

  1. Play bingo: The possibilities for themed bingo cards are endless, from superheroes to Harry Potter. Make it tasty by using M&Ms or gummy bears to cover the squares. Download a bunch of free bingo card printables HERE.
  1. Make dessert: Has that four-layer chocolate peppermint cake of dreams been burning a hole on your Pinterest board? Now’s the time to whip it up! The whole family will enjoy this after-dinner treat.
  1. Put on a fashion show/Project Runway episode: Let the kids raid your closet and have them walk the hallway runway while you or your spouse pretend to be Tim Gunn.
  1. Make Valentine’s Day card holders: The holiday is coming up quick, so now’s the perfect time to help the kids make a cool mailbox to house all of the sweet little love notes they receive at school. How cute is that happy camper box?! Get some inspiration HERE.
  1. Play hide and seek: There’s nothing wrong with some schoolyard fun in the house! Whoever’s the last one to be found gets a prize, or first dibs on that sweet cake you all just made for dessert!

  1. Make it a movie day: Pop some corn, bring out all the pillows and blankets, and make it a Disney movie marathon for the afternoon. Bonus points if you watch from blanket forts.
  1. Conduct a science experiment: Encourage the kiddos to think like a scientist (yep, that’s a GoNoodle reference!) with some experiments that teach, are fun, and don’t burn the house down. A collection of experiments that are safe for kids (and their parents) can be found HERE.
  1. Hold a paper airplane contest: Are you getting fourth-grade flashbacks like us? Awards can go to ‘flies the farthest,’ ‘most original,’ ‘the most tricks,’ you get the idea. Paper airplane making is an art form. Check out some aerodynamic ideas (honestly, who knew there are so many!) HERE.
  1. Build an epic indoor obstacle course: Something tells us Dad will really get into this one. Get a little crazy with it and use furniture, create simple activity stations, make silly rules (hop up and down three times). So many possibilities. Find easy step-by-step guidelines HERE.
  1. It’s chore day: Ok, so this one won’t be everyone’s favorite, but teamwork makes the dream work, right? Make it fun by splitting into two groups, and whichever team is done with their chores first gets to pick the flick for the next family movie night.

Family time is the best time, even if we’re all housebound these days. Enjoy these fun indoor activities for kids and let us know your favorites! If you need some other ideas, check some of these out: