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Fitness Challenges to Ignite New Year Wellness!


A new year means new goals and resolutions, and for many of us, they include a healthier lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to shed the holiday pounds, manage stress, or simply make more mindful choices, a month-long challenge is a great way to jump-start your wellness journey. Make the most of your January and commit to one of these (or your own!) fitness challenges.




Join a Group Challenge at Your Gym

If you already hit the gym on the regular, take the next step and join one of the many challenges most offer each month. The combination of camaraderie and accountability will increase the likelihood that you stick with it and enjoy the benefits of the results. 

Start a 30-Day Clean Eating Challenge

Your journey to healthier eating starts now! This clean-eating challenge helps you gradually cut out the processed foods and increase nutrient-dense whole foods (this means skipping the frozen dinners and McDonald’s and saying yes to more fresh produce and whole grains). And no, it doesn’t have to be tasteless and depressing; this challenge comes full of delicious recommendations and recipes, so by the end of January you’ll be feeling leaner, have more energy, and ready to crush the rest of your 2019 goals. Learn more here.

Sign Up for Your First Race

There’s nothing like signing up for your first 5K to get you off the couch and laced up in your running shoes. In fact, there’s a fun Couch to 5K program to help you do just that! If you have an injury or cannot run, that’s ok! Walking is a great way to get in the cardio and burn calories, too, and most races are open to walkers as well. 

Scrap the Sugar

If a wholesale diet change isn’t for you, consider a smaller, more focused food goal. Many Americans are drastically reducing refined sugar from their diet, and for good reason. High sugar consumption has been linked to increased obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and premature aging. All of that extra sugar leaves us feeling too full of empty calories without the necessary fiber, vitamins, and nutrients our bodies need. This 21-day sugar elimination plan is totally doable!

Get Planking

This darling of fitness gurus is popular and it’s not hard to see why, because it effectively works your arms, core, and quads simultaneously. Planks do triple duty with three times the benefits! Each day you’ll hold the poses for a little longer, and by the end of the month, you’ll be rocking your plank for minutes at a time! Get the details here.

30 Days of Yoga

If you’re looking to increase your flexibility, strength, and enjoy some serious peace of mind, yoga can’t be beaten. This 30-day challenge will leave you feeling better than when you started, and a pricey studio membership isn’t required. We like this beginner one here and this one for those who have done some yoga.

What are your fitness goals in 2019? Share your progress with us on our social media!