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Clean Out Your Desk, Organize Your Life!

National Clean Your Desk Day is on Monday, January 14th, and we couldn’t think of a better time to declutter and organize than the start of a new year. We’ve come up with some great suggestions for getting your workspace in top shape to boost your productivity and encourage creativity (who likes working in a mess, right?).

And the nice thing about this best practices list is that most can be applied to any decluttering project in your home. Start small with a project like a desk or an office, then slowly move room by room throughout the year. Clutter has a way of sneaking up on you, and before too long, you can no longer see any surfaces in the house! Think of organization as more of a journey than a destination, because it takes daily diligence to ensure you continue to reap the rewards of all your hard work. Let’s get started!

Do a purge

Clear out any supplies you don’t use, like that extra stapler or boxes of paperclips that take up precious real estate and can be stored in a communal supply closet. Throw out any trash you see, and recycle paper you no longer need.

Get a shredder

Ideal for the office or home, a shredder gets rid of paper clutter and sensitive documents.

Have a place for everything

Things have a tendency to collect if they don’t have a home, so find a place for everything you intend to keep; store books on a shelf, create a space for current projects, and keep surfaces minimal and with only the items you use frequently.

Create a system

This right here is one of the most important things to master and can make or break your organization goals: create a system or systems for managing everything that comes your way, from mail, projects, and other paperwork, to your personal and work digital files. Spend some time to really think about how you prefer to work, and decide on routines that support that.

Use your drawers

Desk and furniture drawers are there for a reason, so use them! Invest in a couple of drawer organizers so you can group like items together, like writing supplies, extra cords, etc.

Cable management

This often overlooked area often needs some serious attention. Purchase some cord/cable organizers to group and hide cords together. No more rat’s nest behind the desk or other furniture! The same applies to devices, too. Buy or DIY a charging station for household devices and keep it in a single spot.

Five-minute habit

Spend at least five minutes at the end of each day putting things away and tidying up. That way, the next morning, you’ll be greeted with a well-organized and clutter-free space.

You’re well on your way to gleaming, clutter-free surfaces and an organized space!