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Our Favorite School Supplies for 2019

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Everyone’s having a blast this summer, but the new school year is fast approaching. Take a break from the pool and get a jump on your school supply shopping so you’re not that desperate parent in the nearly empty back-to-school Target aisle (been there, done that). You probably already have your supplies checklist, so we thought we’d round up some of our fun little favorites to get the kiddos excited for school and ready to start the new year!



Cute erasers

📷: Target 

Mistakes have never been so fun to correct with these adorable snack-food erasers. Find them HERE

Buildable ruler


📷: Lego

We’re obsessed with this fun ruler! Your little Lego masters can build a 6” or 12” ruler and customize brick colors. Get it HERE

Folders that can take a beating

📷: Amazon

Keep homework and art projects in one piece with these colorful plastic folders. They can be dropped, kicked, tossed, and spilled upon with abandon and have a good chance of surviving the entire school year.  Get ‘em HERE

Rainbow keyboard cover

📷: Amazon

Homework’s getting a lot more colorful with this keyboard protector, and it’s waterproof so their favorite after-school snacks and drinks don’t muddy up the keys. Get it HERE

School supply labels

📷: Tiny Me

Put a name on it! These cute personalized labels are perfect for preventing the loss of your child’s favorite school supplies. Purchase HERE

Super fly lunchbox

📷: Bentgo

A colorful bento box, with its little compartments, prevents soggy sandwiches and keeps things fresh. It’s also leak-proof so your child won’t jump off the bus with lunch-soaked backpack. Buy HERE

Erasable highlighters

📷: Paper Source

Why didn’t they have these when we were growing up? Erasable highlighters make studying a colorful breeze. Buy HERE.

Personalized pencil case

📷: Pottery Barn Kids

They can shoot for the stars with this sweet solar system pencil case that glows in the dark and keeps their favorite writing tools neat and tidy in desks and backpacks. Buy HERE.

Now that you’re well on your way to getting the kids ready for school, get back to your regularly scheduled summer programming!